Let’s Make: Traffic Department 2192 – Part 8

Assets - Converting SHP/HEL/EXP Files to Bitmaps

This part of out project requires no extra effort. The three files: TD.SHP, TD.EXP, and TD.HEL can be converted to bitmaps using code that we've already made for the BLK files. In fact, we don't even have to compile anything: Just copy the BLKtoBMP and run the files with it. Each of these files has the exact same specifications as the BLK files (32x32 using default palette). Note that you have to rename the files before processing otherwise they'll all collide as TD.BMP. I just moved the extension to the front so that TD.SHP became SHP.SHP before processing and ultimately became SHP.BMP. Make sure TD.PAL is in the same directory before running the utility.

File Notes
TD.SHP Sprites for each of the nine ships plus some weapons and effects. 20 sprites total.
TD.EXP Explosion animation consisting of 7 frames.
TD.HEL Traffic Department helicopter as a 2 sprite animation.