Let’s Make: Traffic Department 2192 – Part 30

Prototyping - Mission Scripting

We're going to fully script Mission 1 by adding the appropriate lines to our mission initialization framework. These steps are all that's required to add in the content for the remaining 58 missions.

No new objects are required for this part


GML Code

We only have to add to our set_mission_* scripts from last time. The code below includes the code from last time so you only have to replace the code

Script: set_mission_messages

We'll update the script with the messages for mission 1. The default mission will rename to handle the missions that aren't defined yet.


Script: set_mission_parameters

The parameters for mission 1 happen to match the default, but we should define them anyway.


Script: set_mission_waves

We'll assign the ships to waves. This is the most cumbersome part of adding a mission beacuse we have to go through the original binary to discover which ships go with which wave. More on this in the video.