Let’s Make: Traffic Department 2192 – Part 1

Project Introduction

This project walks through one way to build a fully featured prototype of Traffic Department 2192 -- mostly unchanged from the original version. More importantly, this is a learning experience for the benefit of beginning programmers. I chose the tools and workflow so that the project can be completed quickly. We'll draw on skills from reverse engineering, design, algorithms, and programming in several languages including C and Python.

Parts 1, 2, and 3 provide the basic introduction to the our purpose, game and our toolset. We'll spend all of parts 4 through 14 extracting graphics, sounds, and data assets from the original archive using a variety of tools. Parts 15 through 23 alternate between design and programming of all but the action gameplay sequence. Parts 24 through 33 are the main programming push towards the feature complete prototype.

Some of the tools we'll use: GIMP, HxD, Ida Pro, GCC, DosBox, Notepad++, PowerShell, Python, PowerPoint, GameMaker: Studio

Project statistics

Total video time 7h30m
   Asset extraction video time 2h13m
   Design video time 1h1m
   Programming video time 3h50m
Total lines of code ~4000
   Lines of code in C ~600
   Lines of code in Python ~75
   Lines of code in GML ~3500