I always have a project
I usually take things apart
I sometimes put them back together
I occasionally share what I’ve learned

Projects that make it this far end up here:

Let’s Make: Traffic Department 2192 – A 33-part series re-creating this classic game.
Let’s Make: Dangerous Dave – A 10-part series for beginners in C and SDL.
Decoded: The Bisqwit NES Emulator – A code reading of an NES emulator presented on YouTube
Decoded: Sopwith – A code reading of David Clark's 1984 bi-plane action game
Decoded: Rogue – A code reading of the 1984 DOS release of the original Roguelike
Decoded: The Wizard's Castle – A code reading of the 1980 classic console RPG in BASIC
Decoded: QBasic Gorillas – A code reading of the 1990 Microsoft QBasic Demo
Jakutos – A JavaScript/HTML5 roguelike set in the Might & Magic 6 world (play).

I rarely rant, but when I do:

How Difficult is your Programming Project?

I never give up!